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I’m Jess, a wedding photographer living in the mountains of Northeast, PA, servicing PA, NY, NJ, and traveling wherever you’ll take me.

“Who am I?
  I’m Kelly Kapoor.
The business bitch.”


The Office

I never saw my future as being a photographer. 

I grew up painting and drawing so I always saw myself having a career in fine art. I fell in love with film photography in the darkroom during my senior year of highschool, and I still use film to this day. In college I dual majored in fine art and photography, transferred to an art school in NYC, and graduated at Radio City Music Hall with my BFA in photography. I’m classically trained in fine art painting & drawing with a love for composition, color theory, and the nuances of film – all of which I bring into my photographs.

During my college years, I started my business as a side hustle to make some cash (poor college student life). By the time I graduated, I hit the ground running in my biz. I photographed my first wedding when I was 18 (god bless that couple for trusting 18 year old me) and loved weddings from the start. It squishes so many genres of photography that I love into one day; details & still-lifes, landscapes, editorial magazine-worthy portraits, candid documentary moments, and the PARTY. I’m never bored – especially since I specialize in non-traditional weddings. My job is truly so fun because none of my couples or weddings ever feel like a repeat.

Not only am I a believer that wedding photos can and should be pieces of art, I’m also passionate about the importance of inclusivity and diversity in the wedding industry. 

I believe that all love is valid, important, and deserves to be celebrated.

I believe that every relationship is different from the last and warrants to be photographed in a way that feels genuine. You’re both loud, silly and affectionate? I’m on it. You’re both quiet, reserved, and a tad awkward? I got you. No formulaic poses or corny prompts....mostly. Sometimes the corny prompts get some great natural laughs while you feel ridiculous. ;)

My drive behind my business really boils down to a few things; it makes me feel good to document love of all kinds in an honest way that reflects my couple’s unique relationship dynamics, showing you that you don’t have to be suave models to look good in front of a camera (you just need me!), and just taking damn good photos that you’ll want to hang on your walls and look back at once you’re old and half senile. Let’s just have a good time and make some art, shall we?

the experience

“Would I rather be feared or loved? Easy. Both. I want people to be afraid of how much they love me.”


     The Office

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Fun facts

Nothing in this world
makes me light up more than animals...except
maybe pizza. 

Ben and I live on 25 acres in the mountains of NEPA and I love it. Ben built us our home himself and it's my favorite place on earth.

The Office is my favorite tv show of all time. A few other faves are Parks and Rec, Schitt's Creek, Arrested Development, Brooklyn Nine Nine, the list goes on.

My husband Ben is a wood worker and is 100% the most talented human I've ever met. He's my lobster, as Phoebe would say.

I'm a travel junkie, big time. Always feeling the itch to hop on a plane. Some of my favorite trips have been to Italy, Greece, Ireland, and Amsterdam.

I'm a lover of all things macabre. I grew up watching horror movies with my dad and it's still our favorite bonding activity. Any fellow Murderinos? 

My husband and I have three huge dogs who are my LIFE. We also have ducks! I beg for more pets on the daily.

I'm a huge book nerd and my favorite genre is SciFi/Fantasy. My bedtime routine ends with a book every night.

I'm a night owl. I've tried changing my schedule so many times but I embrace it now. High chances of me answering emails at night instead of the morning.