F A Q ' s

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Where are you located?

A. I live in the mountains of northeastern Pennsylvania in Friendsville (yep, that’s a real city!) which is close to the border of upstate New York. I grew up in the suburbs of Philadelphia, just a few hours away, so I photograph weddings in those three areas the most. It’s a lot of travel but I absolutely love it. Take me anywhere!

Q. Which leads me to….Do you travel?

A.  An emphatic “Yes, please!” I’ve traveled to many amazing locations for both weddings and sessions including Las Vegas, Missouri, California, and Ireland. I’m always up for an adventure, so let me know where you are or where you’re going and we’ll dream up something awesome! 

Q. How many weddings do you shoot per year?

A.I limit myself to 30 weddings per season to ensure that I’m making lasting connections with each of my couples and devoting the time and energy to them that they deserve.

Q. What is film and why shoot with it?

A. When I talk about shooting film, I'm referring to shooting on photographic negatives that are developed in the darkroom; the medium we used before digital cameras. I could write pages and pages about why I shoot with it, but to keep it short; it’s simply more beautiful. The way film captures light, texture, detail, and color is yet to be matched. However, film is very costly (help me, I’m poor) and finicky, so I shoot “hybrid,” which means I shoot on both film and digital. This way, you still get the timelessness, romanticism, and detail of film with the accuracy and dependency of digital. All my film is scanned, so you will receive all of the digital & film images in a cohesive and seamless online gallery – I keep the original negatives just like I do the RAW digital files. 

Q. What equipment do you use? What happens if something breaks?

A. My equipment is as professional and varied as I am—I come with the best of the best and back-ups for absolutely everything. I have yet to have an equipment crisis at a wedding, probably because I bring a million of everything to each one. 

Q. How many images will we receive?

A.Engagement sessions typically range between 30-40images. Weddings typically range between 600-900 images depending on the hourly coverage,the amount of wedding-day details, and how much time we have for portraits.

Q. We want to book with you! What are the next steps?

A. Cue my happy dance! YAAAAAS!! All I require is a retainer to reserve your day and for you both to sign my contract to get this on my calendar! The retainer is 1/3 of the package cost + tax, the second payment is another 1/3 due 90 days before the wedding, and the final 1/3 payment is due one month before the wedding.